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Mediation is usually a less expensive and less emotionally damaging alternative to going to court to resolve disputes. This process can be used to help you resolve differences regarding child custody, child and spousal support issues, and division of assets and debts. In court, a Judge - who is a stranger - makes decisions about your life and your family. In mediation, you have control over those very personal issues. Rather than give a judge, who is a stranger to your family, power and control to make decisions about your life, you may, instead, agree to mediate any or all disputed issues. Often, parties have a vast difference of opinion about how the future should look. However, through the mediation process, you will have an opportunity to consider issues from different perspectives, be engaged in problem solving, and fashion an agreement that is created by you, has certainty and finality, and is right for your family and their future.

A Mediator must always remain neutral. Therefore, as a mediator, I would not represent either party as a legal advisor nor as an advocate. Certain rules and boundaries must be agreed upon by the participants in the beginning, and must be maintained and respected by all involved throughout the process. I will work toward ensuring that the parties’ needs and interests are addressed, and help you find solutions to problems.

Because confidentiality is such an essential part of the process, nothing that is said during the mediation by anyone - neither the parties nor the mediator - can be repeated or used by either party in a court of law. That assurance of safety encourages honest and open communication between the parties. As a trained mediator, I will use my skills and experience to assist the parties to express themselves honestly, stay focused, remain courteous, engage in purposeful discussions, and find common ground to resolve disputes. I will help you will find a compromise that everyone can live with. The Mediation process can include parties who don’t have lawyers, or parties who are represented by attorneys.

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