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Legal Separation

A LEGAL SEPARATION is a legal proceeding that is an alternative to a divorce. It is a legal action that separates many of the property and financial rights and obligations that married couples ordinarily share. It does not terminate the status of the marital relationship. After a Judgment of Legal Separation, you will still be married to your spouse. A Judgment of legal separation requires certain forms to be filed with the Court and served on the other party. Merely moving out of the family home does not result in a Legal Separation.

After commencing an action for legal separation, you will be able to obtain many of the same type of orders that you can obtain in a divorce, such as Child Custody and Visitation orders, Child Support orders, Spousal Support orders, restraining orders, and orders relating to the division, restraint and control of property. After filing for Legal Separation, if you wish, you can change the Legal Separation into a request for a divorce. The orders obtained and papers filed in an action for a legal separation can be merged into a divorce action.

There are many reasons a person or a couple might file for legal separation instead of for a divorce. For example, parties may not have resided in California long enough to file for a divorce. In other cases, the parties may not want to terminate the marital relationship because they feel that would be too damaging to the family, too painful for them, or for religious reasons. Sometimes, people need to begin the process of separating, but are not fully committed to or emotionally prepared to terminate their marriage.

For most people, reaching the point of considering a divorce or legal separation is a difficult and emotional time. You should obtain the information you need to make decisions that will be best for you and your family. Contact the Law Office of Kathy G. Neumann to learn more about your options. We will listen. We will give you information. We are here to help you.

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