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Parentage (Paternity) Actions

A Petition to Establish a Parental Relationship is often called a Parentage Action. This type of case must be filed by one of the parents to establish the paternity of a child(ren) when they are born to non-married parents. A petition can be filed by the mother or by the father of the child(ren). Establishing paternity is necessary to obtain custody and visitation rights, child support orders and to limit the other parent’s rights, for example, to move far away with your child(ren). This kind of action is also the basis for obtaining child support orders.

The establishment of paternity, as well as the custody/visitation and support orders, can be agreed to by the parties. If the parties agree, a Judgment can be entered and submitted to the Court without ever having to go to into a courtroom. However, many times one parent will deny the paternity of the child(ren), or they disagree with the custody or visitation plan, or the amount of support proposed by the other parent. If a dispute as to any of these issues cannot be resolved through discussion and negotiation, a court hearing will have to be set, papers will have to be filed and served, and the issues will have to be resolved by a Judge.

We can help negotiate disputes so that parents do not have to engage in time-consuming and expensive litigation. However, when no agreement is possible and litigation is necessary, we will represent the mother’s or the father’s rights in a parentage action. Call the Law Office of Kathy G. Neumann today to get answers to your questions from an experienced, knowledgeable, and compassionate family law attorney.

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